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Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 07/Issue 19

Table of contents: Career Planning Workshop– Feb 6 -- International Café & Info Session -- Need Help Planning Your Degree? -- Study Abroad Info Session -- Coffee with the President -- PRIDE– Silent Auction-Feb 8 -- What’s Your Personality Color?? -- Join the International Students at an Oil Kings Game -- Travel First Aid & Vacation Remedies -- Teaching Sexual Health -- Winter Fees Past Due

The Coffee with the President announcement is about Tim Loreman. Oil Kings Game announcement mentions Dr. Xinxin Fang.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 07/Issue 30

Table of contents: Registration Advising appointments -- Have A Disability? Looking For Work? -- Spring Fees Online -- Spending Habits -- Be In The Know About Credit Card Debt -- Counselling Service Information -- It’s Not Your Salary That Makes You Rich -- Need Funding For Spring/Summer?

Announcements mention Judy Kruse.