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Career Centre

File consists of photographs depicting basketball teams, badminton in the gym, Field Days and outdoor games, basketball games, a hockey game, cheerleaders, and an aerial of the campus, freeway and surrounding neighbourhood, with hockey rink and field visible (ca. 1969).

Library Guild location

Image depicts two people studying at one table in the centre of the Guild Hall location of the library, and a person studying at a table by the stacks on the left of the room. There is a table with books in the bottom right corner of the frame.


Two spliced images in one print: left side depicts the serving line of Concordia's new cafeteria, right side depicts Professor John Borger inspecting construction of new biology laboratory.


File consists of slides depicting the exterior of Concordia, including the maintenance building beside Founders Hall, Guild Hall, and Schwermann Hall, and a "meet Concordia" sign. Slides also depict staff and faculty including Walter V. Schienbein and a pastor, and the Women's Guild.

Alumni events

File consists of photographs and negatives depicting various alumni events during the 1980s including basketball games, concerts, cupcake competition, ice cream social 1986, and alumni attending Concordia events.

College golf team

Image depicts group photo of team with medals. Names are inscribed on the back of the print. Back row from left to right: Natasha Gonek, Jody Kinsman (coach), Joelle [Fougene?]. Front row from left to right: karl Tiemsta, Janie Graham, Dion Gilroyed, Damon Cary (Missing Grant Renniw)

Board of Control

File consists of a general ledger, including a completed audit of books and accounts for 1928 with balance sheet attached.

Dedication and Official Opening of Concordia College

Program consists of a brief history of Concordia College; images of the buildings; faculty, Board of Control and Building Committee members; hymns and readings.

Listed in the program are the members of the first Board of Control: Rev. A. Rehwinkel, Chairman.Rev. E. Eberhardt, Jacob Ulmer, Henry Maschmeyer, and Ed Schmidt.

The faculty members listed include: Rev. A. H. Schwermann, Principal; Prof. A. Rehwinkel, M.A., B.D.; Prof W. A. Baepler, and Prof. J. H. Herreilers. Building Committee members include: Rev. J. C. Mueller, Chairman; Rev. E. Eberhardt, Jacob Ulmer, Sam. Gabert, R. Waechsel, Prof. A. Rehwinkel, Secretary; Rev. F. Pfotenhauer, D. D.; and Henry Horst.

Board of Control

File consists of Building Committee Concordia College photographs, correspondence, blueprints, drawings.

Board of Control

File consists of Arrangement Committee correspondence including letters asking for donations, informing individuals that the college will be dedicated to the Service of the Lord on January 6, 1925.

Board of Control

File consists of correspondence regarding property and buildings, including building plans and costs.

Concordia hockey team

Image depicts the hockey team lined up for a photograph, from left to right: John Wendel, V. Heglsheimer[?], E. Aldhauer[?], W. Abenauer, E. Rentz, H. Burkart, H. Treit[?], [?] Miller, J. Werschler[?], W. Schendel, Phil. K. All names inscribed on back of print.

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