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Groundbreaking Ceremony For the Library Expansion Project

Program consists of hymns and service information.
Lessons led by Mr. Ted Holtby, Member of the Board and Building Committee and Rev. Larry MacKay, Member of the Building Committee and Alumni Association.
Remarks given by Rev. Harry Ruf, Dr. Richard Willie, Mr. Ken Pilip and Dr. Roy Holm.
Participants include President Richard Kraemer, Concordia; Dr. Roy Holm, Board of Regents; Mr. Ken Pilip, Concordia Foundation; Mr. Allan Wells, Robert Tegler Trust; Dr. Richard Willie, Building Committee; Dr. John Woollard, Faculty; Mr. Keith Kruse, High School; Mr. Mircea Panduk and Ms. Margaret Russell, Library; Mr. Marcel Labbe and Ms. Nancy Joseph, Student Associations

Opening Convocation for the 75th Academic Year Dedication of the Arnold Guebert Library Expansion

Program includes the order of service, a summary of the building project, and a list of major donors.
Litugist is Chaplain Warren Steckelberg; Speaker is President Richard Kraemer; Lector is Edwin Seibert; Pianist is Dr. Barry Bromely; Choir is directed by Dr. John Hooper. Trumpeters, crucifer and torch bearers are also listed.

Program includes induction of new faculty members:
Barry Barclay, Coordinator, After-Degree Diploma in Environmental Health;
Valerie Bishop, Coordinator/Counsellor Adult Basic Upgrading Program;
Lee Elliott, Public Affairs Director;
Ladislav Hala, Director of Computer Systems;
Robert Heller, Assistant Professor of Psychology;
Linda Nikolaj, Assistant High School Principal;
Alberto Severini, Assistant Professor of Biology/Environmental Science;
Linda Scott, Assistant Librarian, Education & Social Sciences;
Eva Stang, Coordinator/Counsellor, Native University and College Entrance Program;
Elizabeth Smythe, Assistant Professor of Political Science;
Lynette Toews-Neufeld, Reference Librarian;
Mary Wagner, Human Resources Officer.

Appreciation is given to the Building Committee Members, the architect, the builders, library staff, other individuals and organizations.