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Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Robert Tegler Student Center

Welcome by President Richard Kraemer.
Remarks by Rev. Harry Ruf, Prof. Wayne Stuhlmiller, Blair Schmaus, Kirsten Bergstrom and Rev. Paul Eifert. Scripture readings by Norman Selman and Rev. Larry MacKay.
Performance by the Concordia College Choir led by Gordon Hafso.
Wielding of the Spade includes: Richard Kraemer, Ted Holttjy, Harry Hole, Sheri Dalton, Bob Thompson, Arlyn Belden, Arnold Dyke. Prayers by Rev. Martin Kaare, Chaplain.

A series of March convocations commemorating 50th Anniversary of the founding of Concordia College

Includes convocation information regarding Education Week (Mar. 1-7), Government Week (Mar. 8-14), Social Concerns Week (Mar. 15-20) and Arts Week (Mar. 21-28).

Panelists include: Mr. Morris Anderson, Principal of Luther College, Regina, Saskatchewan; Rev. K. Glen Johnson, President, Camrose Lutheran College, Camrose, Alberta; Rev. Roland Frantz, President, Concordia College, Edmonton, Alberta.

March Convocations 50th Anniversary Committee: Prof. Lowell Eckert, Chairman; Prof. Alan Merrifield; Dr. Alfred Roth; Prof. Walter Schienbein; Dr. David Stocker; Prof. Gisela Wikeley; Prof. Harold Witte.

Lecturers and drama presentation directors are also listed.

Concerts by the Concordia College Choir, the Edmonton Centennial Choir, and a wind ensemble from the University of Alberta.

50th Anniversary of Concordia Lutheran College and Concordia High School

Program includes order of service and historical highlights.
Participants listed in program:
The preacher: The Rev. Dr. Harold A. Merklinger, D.D. President, Lutheran Church — Canada
The officiant: The Rev. Roland A. Frantz, President, Concordia Lutheran College
The lector: The Rev. Arthur Gehring, Pastor, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Stony Plain, Alberta
The choir: Concordia College Choir, directed by David Stocker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Music
The organist: Miss Marvelyn Schwermann, Music Director at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Edmonton, Alberta
The call to worship: The Rev. Dr. A. H. Schwermann, President of Concordia College from 1921 - 1953

Opening Convocation for the 75th Academic Year Dedication of the Arnold Guebert Library Expansion

Program includes the order of service, a summary of the building project, and a list of major donors.
Litugist is Chaplain Warren Steckelberg; Speaker is President Richard Kraemer; Lector is Edwin Seibert; Pianist is Dr. Barry Bromely; Choir is directed by Dr. John Hooper. Trumpeters, crucifer and torch bearers are also listed.

Program includes induction of new faculty members:
Barry Barclay, Coordinator, After-Degree Diploma in Environmental Health;
Valerie Bishop, Coordinator/Counsellor Adult Basic Upgrading Program;
Lee Elliott, Public Affairs Director;
Ladislav Hala, Director of Computer Systems;
Robert Heller, Assistant Professor of Psychology;
Linda Nikolaj, Assistant High School Principal;
Alberto Severini, Assistant Professor of Biology/Environmental Science;
Linda Scott, Assistant Librarian, Education & Social Sciences;
Eva Stang, Coordinator/Counsellor, Native University and College Entrance Program;
Elizabeth Smythe, Assistant Professor of Political Science;
Lynette Toews-Neufeld, Reference Librarian;
Mary Wagner, Human Resources Officer.

Appreciation is given to the Building Committee Members, the architect, the builders, library staff, other individuals and organizations.

Inauguration of Alfred Raymond Roth as Fourth President of Concordia College, Edmonton

Program includes a description of Alfred Roth, a history of Concordia College, and a list of previous presidents. Order of service includes salutations by Douglas Holtby, Prof. Walter Schienbein, Dr. Arthur Ahlschwede, The Rev. Glen Johnson, Dr. R. G. Baldwin, His Worship Mayor William Hawrelak and Mr. David King. Benediction by Dr. A. H. Schwermann.
Program also includes the members of the Board of Control, the Inauguration Committee, the Faculty Committee for the Election of the President, and the Electors.

Presidential Inauguration of Gerald Krispin

Program includes information about Dr. Gerald Krispin, the order of procession, the inaugural convocation, a list of delegates from other institutions, the members of the Board of Regents, past presidents, marshals, musicians and the crucifer. A brief history of Concordia is also included, with program information including Bachelor of Management degree, Bachelor of Science degree, Bachelor of Arts program, Bachelor of Education After Degree Program, Bachelor of Environmental Health (After Degree) program; Director of Parish Services program; and Master of Information Systems Security Management.

Concordia Platoon

Image depicts the Concordia Platoon. Front row, left to right: Carl Schutz, Val Rithler, Alfred Lucht, Walter Miller, John Armbuster, Richard Schultz; Second row: Herman Baron, Birt Krueger, Bill Knipp, Fred Stark, Arthur Hoffoman; Third row: Alfred Stefani, Norman Eifert, Aldred Reinholz, Ejvind Neilsen, Waldeman Dressler, Henry Kuring; Fourth row: Victor Kuring, Donald Thomas, John H. Ulmwer, Edwin Regal, Willard Eifert; back row: Arnold Dyke, Vaughan Johnson, George Rode, Simon Mair.

Sixth Graduation Convocation

Program includes a welcome and history, academic dress, the order of the processional, academic dress, the order of the processional, the convocation program, the presentation, the admission, a list of graduates of the sixth graduating class, the participants, the convocation speaker, the Christo et Ecclesiae Award, the national anthem, the alma mater and the Concordia hymn.

Participants include: Dr. Sheri A. Dalton, Dr. Neil W. Querengesser, Prof. Wayne J.H. Stuhlmiller, Dr. Catherine I. Eddy, Dr. Bonar A. Gow, Rev. Dr. Roy K. Holm, Prof. Ronald W. Jones, President Richard W. Kraemer, Dr. Neil W. Querengesser, Dr. Walter M. Wangerin, William McKie, Sylvia McKie, and Prof. Gordon Hafso.

Fifteenth Graduation Convocation

Program includes a welcome and history, academic dress, the order of the processional, the convocation program, the presentation, the admission, a list of graduates from the fifteenth graduating class, the participants, the Christo et Ecclesiae Award, the Convocation Speaker, the Distinguished Service Award, the Distinguished Alumni Award, the national anthem, the alma mater, and the Concordia hymn.

Participants include: Rev. Dr. Garry L. Dombrosky, Mr. Frank Kobie, The Honourable James S. Edwards, Dr. Deborah R. Hemmerling, Dr. Richard W. Kraemer, Dr. Marco P. LoVerso, Dr. Margaret M. McVea, Dr. Neil W. Querengesser, Dr. Richard A. Willie, Lee Murdoch, Rev. Dr. Harold E. Ruf, the Concordia Guild and Melvin G. Johnston.

Eighteenth Graduation Convocation

Program includes a welcome and history, academic dress, the order of the processional, the convocation program, the presentation, the admission, a list of graduates from the eighteenth graduating class, the participants, the Convocation Speaker, the Distinguished Service Award, the Judith C. Meier Excellence in Teaching Award, the national anthem, the alma mater, and the Concordia hymn.

Participants include: Dr. Robert Jerrard, Dr. Neil Querengesser, Prof. Wayne Stuhlmiller, Dr. Catherine Eddy, Dr. Deborah Hemmerling, Mr. Alan Huehn, Dr. Richard Kraemer, Dr. June McConaghy, Dr. Marilyn Westbury, Dr. Richard Willie, Dr. Frits Pannekoek, Larry Brehmer, Mr. William B.S. Hohn, and Dr. Judith C. Meier.

Fifth Graduation of the Concordia College University & College Entrance Programme (UCEP)

Program includes the processional, the anthem, the invocation, the salutatory address, a hymn, introduction of commencement speaker, the commencement address, the awarding of the diplomas, a list of graduates in the class of 1990s, the valedictorian address, the graduates' theme, the presentation of the Frantz Award, the President's message, the recessional, and a list of the 1989-1990 UCEP Faculty.

Participants include: Donald Pimm, Judith Meier, Bonnie Young, Dr. Harry Lutzer, J. Barrie Day, and Mrs. Ruth Frantz.

Awards 2014

Program consists of a welcome, invocation prayer, donor thank you, presentation of awards and scholarships, and reception. Also include messages from the president and financial aid and awards. Award categories include: Concordia Academic Awards, Church Vocation Awards, Program Awards, and Service and Leadership Awards.

Participants include: Margie Schoepp, Dr. Gerald S. Krispin, Dr. Neil Querengesser, Dr. Maureen Stratton, Ron Ruhl, Dr. John Washington, Dr. Tim Labron, Dr. Jonathan Strand, and Dr. Barb van Ingen.

Concordia College High School Sixty-First Graduation

Program includes the order of worship, a list of graduates in the class of 1988, commencement program, processional, national anthem, invocation, salutatory event, a hymn, introduction of the commencement speaker, commencement address, awarding the diplomas, valedictory address, the Distinguished Service Award, Alumni Association welcome, alma mater, the president's message, prayer and benediction, and recessional.

Participants include: Rev. Robert Appold, Rev. Ken Rodeman, Rev. Richard Kraemer, Dr. Judith C. Meier, Rev. William Ney, Mr. Neil Fenske, Dr. Orville C. Walz, and Rev. Fred Stark.

Aerial view of campus, South East side

Aerial depicts a view of campus from the Southeast side. Wayne Gretsky Drive is visible in the bottom right corner of the frame. Schwermann Hall and Ada Boulevard are in the bottom of the frame. The top right corner of the frame depicts the Bellevue community centre, baseball diamonds, and parking lots. The top left corner of the frame depicts the trees of Borden Park, and the neighbourhoods along 112th Ave.

Frank Kobie

Launching of a new novel by Frank Kobie. Pyramid of Greed. The Book Launch took place on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at the Arnold Guebert Library at Concordia University College of Alberta, from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

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