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Aerial view of campus, South West side

Aerial depicts campus from the Southwest side in summer. The golf course is visible in the bottom right corner of the frame. Concordia's campus is in the centre of the frame. There are baseball diamonds on the top left corner of the frame, and the highlands neighbourhood with a school and soccer field is in the top right corner of the frame.

Library Guild location

Image depicts two people studying at one table in the centre of the Guild Hall location of the library, and a person studying at a table by the stacks on the left of the room. There is a table with books in the bottom right corner of the frame.

Walking up the south stairwell

Image depicts three students walking up the south stairwell in the interior of the library building. The student walking behind the other two is wearing a grey and green "Defenders" shirt, and has his mouth open as if talking. The student walking ahead of him on the right is looking forward and smiling past the camera.

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