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Sounding Board Volume 12/Issue 02

Table of contents: Concordia choristers carol around town -- Student/faculty noontime recital Monday, Nov 27 in Tegler -- Concordia Concert Choir sings "O Joyous Light," Sunday, Dec 3 -- Festival City Winds, Concordia's band, plays "Winter Solstice" Saturday, Dec 9

Faculty and staff mentioned in this issue includes Wendy J. Grasdahl and Dr. Joy Berg.

Sounding Board Volume 11/Issue 09

Table of contents: Join us for the Concert Choir's Heritage Tour highlights Wed May 31photos, memories, & food! -- CUE early-bird discount for your kids: Singspiration 2017 -- Postcards, Festival City Winds concert Sat May 27 -- CANADA: From Far and Wide, Community Chorus concert Sun May 28

Faculty and staff mentioned in this issue includes Dr. Joy Berg and Wendy J. Grasdahl.

Sounding Board Volume 11/Issue 04

Table of contents: Today at noon, Student/Faculty recital in Tegler! including -Handbell pioneer Isabela Ramos on solo bell trees -- Festival City Winds' "Midnight Sleighride" Sat, Dec -Concert Choir & JuBELLation in concert Sun, Dec 4 at Trinity Lutheran

Faculty and staff mentioned in this issue includes Dr. Joy Berg, Debbie Rice, and Wendy J. Grasdahl.

Sounding Board Volume 10/Issue 10

Table of contents: CUE’s band, Festival City Winds, Sat, April 16 -- The MET Edmonton Metropolitan Orchestra (dir Danielle Lisboa) honours CUE's Lutheran roots, Sun, April 17 -- CUE’s Community Chorus with folk singer Lizzy Hoyt, Mon, April 18

Faculty and staff mentioned in this issue include Wendy J. Grasdahl and Dr. Joy Berg.

Sounding Board Volume 10/Issue 04

Table of contents: Opera tour-tutorial to Italy this summer, led by Dr Danielle Lisboa -- Dec 5 "Fire and Ice" Festival City Winds concert -- Dec 6 "A Christmas Mosaic" Concordia Community Chorus & Bella Voce concert

Opera tour-tutorial to Italy includes cities Venice, Florence and Rome.
Faculty and staff mentioned in this issue includes Wendy J. Grasdahl.

Sounding Board Volume 09/Issue 02

Table of contents: Salute to Excellence Citation to our band conductor Wendy Grasdahl --Catch her Festival City Winds playing Saturday in Tegler -and Community Chorus/Bella Voce concert Monday at Trinity Lutheran

Faculty and staff mentioned in this issue includes Wendy J. Grasdahl and Dr. Joy Berg.

Sounding Board Volume 07/Issue 07

Table of contents: Singspiration 2013 -- "METRIX" -- In the footsteps of Jesus and Debbie Rice!

The Sounding Board announces Jubiloso! Bells of Concordia conductor Debbie Rice leading ringers participating in the first international handbell festival including concerts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Nazareth.

Festival City Winds presents "Metro," with guests University of Alberta Saxophone Quartet.

Sounding Board Volume 07/Issue 06

Table of contents: plug into Music Days -- Worship & Music Symposium 2013 -- "Gathering Places"

Faculty and staff mentioned in this issue include Jolaine Kerley, Dr. John Brough, Mireille Rijavec, Dr. Joy Berg, Caroline Howarth, Dr. Zoltan Berkes, Dr. Randy Ritz, Dr. Conrad Van Dyk and Dr. Wendy J. Grasdahl.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 09/Issue 14

Table of contents: Paint Night -- Clothing Drive -- Ever Active PD Event -- Study Abroad: Brazil -- Leadership Awards -- Live Your Dream Award -- Peer Support Program -- Learn about your CSA Health Plan -- Online Counseling -- Concert–Peace in Our Time -- Free PD Event: Indigenous Ways of Knowing-Dec 13 -- Audition for Spelling Bee -- Concert-War & Peace -- Noel Concert-Dec 9 -- What Would You Do with an Extra $150? -- Take Control of your Finances

Announcements mention Kim Cousineau, Danielle Lisboa, Jennifer Maxfield, Wendy J. Grasdahl, Debbie Rice and Jolaine Kerley.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 09/Issue 13

Table of contents: Christmas Market -- Audition Notice -- Career Mixer -- Study Abroad in Brazil -- Tree Lighting Ceremony–Dec 1 -- Financial Well Being– Good Habits -- Want to Win $15000? -- Concert–Peace in Our Time -- Concert–War & Peace -- Concert Choir–Through the Ancient Stars -- Smoking Responsibly -- Games Night & Silent Auction -- Data Month Speaker Series

Announcements mention Kim Cousineau, Caroline Howarth, WEndy J. Grasdahl, Danielle Lisboa, Jennifer Maxfield and Jordan van Biert.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 08/Issue 28

Table of contents: Peer Support Program—Finals -- Peer Helpers Needed, Starting September! -- Student Loan Repayment Information -- April Textbook Buyback -- CUE Library Student Satisfaction Survey -- NADC Bursary -- Dr Xiaoting Li Presents: Interpersonal Touch in Mandarin Interaction -- Polish Movie Night: Marie Curie -- Edmonton Islamic Academy’s Teacher Recruitment Fair / CUE Spring & Summer Term Financial Aid Advice -- Department of Psychology News -- Concert Bands: Serenades, Lollipops & Roses -- Jubiloso!: Bells of the Silver Screen

Announcements mention Judy Kruse, Mike Conway, Sarawjeet Panesar, Dr. Katherine Anne Collins, Wendy J. Grasdahl and Debbie Rice.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 08/Issue 23

Table of contents: Student of the Year -- University Entrance Scholarship -- Chris Benedict Award -- Student Loan Repayment Information Session -- 3rd Annual Research Forum -- Latin Excursions -- “Hunting Dinosaurs in Alberta” Lecture by Philip Currie -- “Painted Faces on the Prairies” Cantonese Opera -- Caroline’s Fine Arts Festival

Announcements mention Judy Kruse, Andrew Sterne and Wendy Grasdahl.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 07/Issue 12

Table of contents: Take the Survey & Win! -- Discover a Career in Medicine -- Syrian Festival– Nov 28 -- Temporary Foreign Worker Webinar -- Study Law in Australia -- Journal Club Seminar -- Winterizing the Yin Within– Nov 30 -- Midnight Sleigh Ride Concert– Dec 3 -- Concordia Concert Choir-Dec 4 -- Breath of Heaven Concert– Dec 11 -- Concordia Awards Information -- Mental Health & Wellness Programs -- Library's Donation Christmas Tree -- Recruiting for the MHCC Youth Program -- Bookstore School Spirit Sale -- Fees Past Due

Announcements mention Carla Salvado, Wendy J. Grasdahl, Dr. Joy Berg and Debbie Rice.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 07/Issue 01

Table of contents: Visit the Library -- Free Parking for New Student Orientation -- CSA Pancake Breakfast -- Club Fair -- Beer Garden -- Security Tips -- Wellness Wednesdays -- Volunteer for the Buddy Program -- Welcome New MISSM Professors -- Health & Dental Opt Out Information -- Counseling Services -- Free Yoga -- Manning Pizza-Student Discount -- Bookstore Book Buy Back -- Volunteer Fair -- eTutor Alberta -- Lunch Room Supervisors Wanted -- City Leisure Centre Discounts -- Tuition Information -- We-Do Women's Self Defense Classes -- Music for Credit -- CUE Theatre Auditions

Announcements mention Erin Jacula, Dr. Neelam Memon, Dr. Bobby Swar, Dr. Fehmi Jaafar, Caroline Howarth, Dr. Joy Berg, Debbie Rice and Dr. Zoltan Berkes.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 06/Issue 27

Table of contents: Sounding Board -- Invitation to Dance -- MRIA Chapter Event -- Wellness Wednesdays -- Parking Concerns -- The Exam Quiet Room -- Win a Galaxy Tablet -- Zumba Classes -- More Massage -- Voicestra-April 22 -- Jubiloso!-April 24 -- Choral Cantat-April 29 -- Counseling Services -- Spring Book Buy Back -- Spring Term Fees -- Extended Library Hours

Announcements mention David Patterson, John Hooper, Joy Berg, Wendy J. Grasdahl, David Hoyt and Debbie Rice.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 06/Issue 14

Table of contents: Chapel Schedule -- Student Quiet Zone -- Sounding Board -- Cafeteria Menu Dec 7-11 & 14-17 -- Book Buy Back -- Fitness Room Hours -- Aboriginal Award Program -- Lost & Found -- Food Bank -- Library Hour -- Mental Health First Aid Workshop -- Wellness Summit -- Be a Buddy Apply Today! -- Fall Fees Past Due -- Concordia General Awards

Opera tour-tutorial in Italy includes Venice, Florence and Rome.

Announcements mention Dr. James Gimbel, Dr. Steve Gimbel, Dr. Danielle Lisboa, Wendy J. Grasdahl and Jamie Dyce.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 04/Issue 25

Table of contents: GSA (Graduate Studies) Election Results -- CSA General Elections -- National Survey on Student Engagement -- Backpacking with a Purpose -- Bitcoin Presentation -- Tax Time -- Worlds of Music -- U of L Presentation: Keys to Leadership & Success -- Convocation/Graduation Information -- Canadian College Finals Rodeo

Announcements mention Brett Farquharson, the Graduate Students Association (GSA) election results and Wendy J. Grasdahl.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 01/Issue 24

Table of contents: Tell Canada about Concordia -- Early Registration -- CSA Elections -- Career Fair -- Attention Graduates! -- School of Music Events -- E‐book week -- Chat room in real space -- Choices Daily Specials

Announcements mention Doreen Koy, Jan Mutch, Dr. Jonathan Strand, Garry Dombrosky, and Dr. Deborah Hemmerling. Announcements include ticket information for a Festival City Winds Advanced Band.