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Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 09/Issue 17

Table of contents: Tai Chi Competition Sword -- CELPIP Prep Program -- Health Plan Opt In/Out Deadline-Jan 20 -- Used Book Market -- Volunteer Opportunity -- Wee Read -- Study Abroad– Brazil -- Flip The Script -- Inter Cultural Days -- Game Night -- A Little off Track? -- January Jam -- Peer Support Counseling -- Technology VS Humanity -- Learn about your CSA Health Plan -- Concordia General Awards -- Mackenzie King Scholarship

Announcements mention Ken Chui, Dr. Xinxin Fang and Dana Ouellette.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 09/Issue 11

Table of contents: Online Counselling -- Library Lost & Found -- Movies for Mental Health -- Prime Minister’s Youth Council Information -- Have a Plan To Pay Off Your Debt -- Curling Club Fundraiser -- Peer Support at Concordia -- Data Month Speaker Series -- Study in Spain Info Session -- Health Insurance Information

Announcements mention Barbara van Ingen and Tom Corcoran.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 09/Issue 05

Table of contents: Flip the Script Training Sessions -- Academic Workshops -- Indigenous Career Award -- Text The Library -- Photo Contest -- Counselling Services -- Wyndi Bird-Cenovus Scholarship Recipient -- Elvira Tremblay-Cenovus Scholarship Recipient -- Chinese Stories -- Canada Graduate Program -- Christmas Bureau Dinner Dash– Nov 10 -- Entrepreneurship Case Competition

Announcements mention Conrad Scott, Mirna Hanic and Marcella Siqueira Cassiano.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 09/Issue 04

Table of contents: Fall Tuition is Due -- Photo Contest -- Counselling Service s -- Chinese Moon Festival-Sept 24 -- Consent Café-Sept 24 -- Single Mother Bursary Available -- State Of The University Address -- BFSU– CUE Duel Degree Program -- Canada Graduate Scholarship -- Ride Transit Program -- Peer Support Program -- Flip the Script Training Sessions -- Scholarship Information -- Career Services Drop In Hours -- Did you Know? -- Indigenous Career Award -- Entrepreneurship Case Competition

Announcements mention Mirna Hanic and Margie Schoepp.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 09/Issue 03

Table of contents: Creative Writing Workshop -- Peer Support Program -- Become an Aboriginal Ambassador for Science -- Health & Dental Opt Out-Sept 20 -- Volunteers Wanted-Psych Assessment -- Round Dance– Sept 22nd -- Consent Café-Sept 24 -- Chinese Moon Festival-Sept 24 -- This Week in Fitness -- State Of The University Address -- Need Help Planning your Career? -- In a tough Spot? -- Study Abroad Bursary -- Graduate Scholarship Info Session -- Indigenous Career Awards -- US Direct Loan Consumer Information -- Entrepreneurship Case Competition

Announcements mention Jamie Dyce, Conrad Scott and Lynette Toews-Neufeldt.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 08/Issue 15

Table of contents: Smithsonian Internship -- Winter Tuition -- Sell Your Text Books -- Christmas Soccer Fundraiser -- New Counselling Hours for Alyssa Currie -- Got Stress? We can help! -- Concordia General Awards -- Leadership Award Information -- Calm your Mind Get Grounded -- Ready to Begin a New Life? Education & Training Award -- Concordia Symphony Orchestra-Verse & Rhyme -- AG Careers -- Winter School 2018 -- Parking in the Construction Zone

Announcements mention Danielle Lisboa, Jolaine Kerley, Tim McNamara and Bob Thompson.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 08/Issue 02

Table of contents: State of the University Address– Sept 13 -- Extended Library Hours -- LPass Table at the Club Fair -- Arts Faculty Mixer-Sept 14 -- Art Faculty Apparel Sale-Sept 15 --Become a Student Ambassador -- The Focus on Women Research Cluster - An Exchange on Words and Women -- Study Abroad Presentation-Sept 18 -- Peer Support Program-Volunteers Wanted -- CSA Health & Dental Plan Information -- Volunteer Fair-Sept 27 -- Athletics Hiring Game Day Staff -- Student Loan Workshops -- Graduate Scholarship Session-Sept 26 -- Concordia Study Abroad Bursary -- Money Matters -- Financial aid Information -- Concordia’s Bursary Program -- Peru Mission Trip– Register Today! -- Tuition Information

Announcements mention Valerie Henitiuk, Linda Cuglietta, Nathaniel MacLellan, Margie Schoepp and Philipa Hardy.

Concordia Weekly Newsletter Volume 07/Issue 32

Table of contents: K-Days Parking Information -- Work Part-time in the Library -- Eskimo Game Tickets on Sale -- Student Loan Workshop Dates -- Applying for Student Loans -- Internship Opportunity in Germany -- Feevale University Research Event

Announcements mention Kelsey Hunden, Nathaniel MacLellan, Debbie Quast and Amanda Thorson.