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3 boys with wagon

Image depicts three boys with a wagon in the winter. Edward (Teddy) G. Pearce in wagon, Otto Schultz on the right, and Carl Beiderweiden on the left.

A friendly inspection

Image depicts (left to right) George Rode, Mrs. Schwermann and Fred Stark standing together, with other people and cars in the background.

Ballistics range

Image depicts people lined up and using weapons at the ballistics range at the Southern Alberta Military Camp.


Image depicts a man on stage at a podium, with an audience including a piano player looking at him from their seats.

Choir trip to Mellowdale

Image depicts six students looking out of the bus windows and door, parked in front of a church during the choir trip to Mellowdale.

Classroom interior

Image depicts students facing the camera and sitting at desks in a classroom located at the Caledonian Temperance Hotel.

Concordia Lyric Quartet

Image depicts a group photo of the Concordia lyric quartet. Back row, left to right: Fred Gabert, Valentine Hergesheimer. Front row, left to right: Arthur Gehring, Louis Liske, Karl Krahenbil.

Concordia Platoon

Image depicts the Concordia Platoon. Front row, left to right: Carl Schutz, Val Rithler, Alfred Lucht, Walter Miller, John Armbuster, Richard Schultz; Second row: Herman Baron, Birt Krueger, Bill Knipp, Fred Stark, Arthur Hoffoman; Third row: Alfred Stefani, Norman Eifert, Aldred Reinholz, Ejvind Neilsen, Waldeman Dressler, Henry Kuring; Fourth row: Victor Kuring, Donald Thomas, John H. Ulmwer, Edwin Regal, Willard Eifert; back row: Arnold Dyke, Vaughan Johnson, George Rode, Simon Mair.

Concordia front lawn

Image depicts Schwermann Hall, Founders Hall, and the front lawn, built in four months from July to Dec. 1925. Mr. G.H. MacDonald and H. A. Magoon Architects.

Construction of Concordia

Image depicts a crowd gathered for the laying of the cornerstone during the construction of Schwermann Hall by Poole Construction Company Limited.

Front lawn of mansion

Image depicts boys landscaping and working on the front lawn of the mansion, with the front of Concordia visible in the background.

Girls' dormitory

Image depicts the girls' dormitory adjoining Fraser Cabin, with the Concordia main building visible on the left.

Girls' sports team

Image depicts the girl's sports team sitting on the lawn with the coach standing behind them. Concordia buildings and other groups of people are behind the team.

High school students on steps

Image depicts high school students on the steps of Schwermann Hall. Left to right: Hilda Wildgrube, Naomi Henning, Marion Balcombe, Irene Kinzel, Laura Kimack, Adelia Bellefer, Rose Adomeit, Ruth Ohlinger, Esther Stieler.

Hockey rink

Image depicts students with hockey sticks standing on the ice of the hockey rink next to Concordia's Caledonian Temperance Hotel location.

Human pyramid and window

Image depicts students forming a human pyramid in front of a brick wall with windows. People include (not in order) Vaughn Johnson, Herman Boron, Edwin Jacobi, Melvin Muhly, Lowel Guebert, John Herreilers.

John E. Herzer

Image depicts John E. Herzer, founder, pastor, and professor from 1943-1956. Houses visible in the background.

Military band

Image depicts the military band posed for the picture in uniform and standing outside on the lawn of Concordia.


Image depicts professors standing in front of the steps of Schwermann Hall. Left to right: Herreiers, Riep, Schwermann, Witte, Guebert.

Professors' house

Image depicts the professors' houses built in the 1940s at the current location of Wayne Gretzky Drive. The architects are G.H. MacDonald & H.A. Morgan.

River valley

Image depicts aerial view of the river valley looking east, with Concordia College in the bottom left corner.

Roommates pal around

Image depicts Frank Koehler, Carl Henning, Albert and Louis Plunz, Bernard Hyatt making a tower by kneeling on each-other's backs on the lawn in front of a Concordia building.


Image depicts four soldiers standing in front of a building at Concordia. Left to right: Arnold Dyke, Carl Schultz, Val Rithler, Donald Kulak.